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Hey, been a while...

Anyway, you said you like surprises more so than me filling out your here i am, two days before our anniversary, posting, instead of posting on our anniversary which you would expect. Aren't I the tricky one?

Yeah, so I wish you were here...well, you don't because then you wouldn't get this post, but I kind of miss you and I'm used to sleeping with you and I don't like not doing that anymore...I don't know what it is but just having you in bed with me makes me more peaceful and whatnot =)

Well, I guess I really don't know for certain what I plan on doing for our anniversary but nonetheless we should go out and have fun because we deserve it. I mean, according to you this is how long people last or something then, resorting of course to our natural instincts, we become bored with one another and move on to other things. But of course as you're trying to run away I'll be holding on to you pleading "fight your instincts! fight! we can do this, you can do this! we can be together, you don't have to return to your apelike instincts!!!!" I guess I'll have to wait and see what will happen...

So tomorrow night I will come back from the interview and pick you up and then we'll probably be going off to Oakville before nightfall...which I should probably be doing tonight anyway, but I'm really too tired and lazy to do that. I meant to go to bed long ago but hey, what can you do when you just have to write to your precious girlfriend??

Oh man, today in the interview Simon had his mom up on Skype, which by the way doesn't really work that well...oh man, the troubles. But at one point during an interview she starting saying "Simon, Simon, I can't see anything anymore, your screen is black" "Mom, can you see yourself in the screen?" "No Simon, everything is black there's just a Windows logo bouncing back and forth" "...Mom" "Yes Simon?" "Move your cursor, the screen saver has come on." Man, she seem so like....I just don't understand how she manages to run a business.....I just don't get it.

Well anyway, I think I'm going to sleep now, hope you're having a good night at work, I love you and I can't wait to see you soon.

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