Binkie and Moe's Webpage of Love

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Binkie: I'm cute, adorable even, and I make pwecious sucking motions in my sleep. I'm shy but the good kinda shy and I have partially webbed toes giving me duck-like qualities and thus adding to my cuteness. I live in Newfoundland and I can go to the fish store any time I want to. I will do anything (and I do mean anything) for cheap airfare to Florida. I am uncontrollably attracted to girls who appreciate musical theater as wholeheartedly as I do as I find it to be one of the highest forms of entertainment. I am also an "ass man" meaning I like a little "junk in the trunk" if ya know what I mean. ;o) Finally, I'm the sweetest guy in the whole world and use my powers of sweetness to make even less than girly girls feel all stupid and girlish. My mystical powers of attraction have even been known to woo exchange students who "didn't plan on feeling like this". =P

Moe: I am an exchange student that "ended up feeling like this". I think I have a big ass but in fact it's just all the better to attract the Newfoundlanders with or so it seems...or maybe it was the fresh genes I offered them...? I have an undying love for mashed potato's and gay people singing about AIDS and celebrating the fact that they have it. People can't understand why I don't like finger luv'n but it's just me, don't ask. I still can't remember that damn color the birds can see over all the others cause I was piss loaded drunk while trying to study. Some of my many accomplishments in life are making one of my brothers fall in love with me, turning the other one gay, and making a helpless blonde Newfie want me sooo bad as to transfer schools just to be with me (hopefully).
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